Biacesa is a lovely peaceful place to stay - it felt quite untouched by time and very relaxing. The rooms were comfortable, clean and we like their contemporary style and a hint of artistic creation here and there! Our hosts were very friendly and helpful.
— Vicki - Durham
Lez has a gift. Highly experienced
in many forms of yoga from yoga therapy to the physical demands of Astanga yoga, Lez knows what an individual needs. After suffering from back pain for a year, Lez’s intuition and guidance has finally set me upon a path to recovery, a feat no London doctor was able to manage. She combined different yoga practices, mindfulness and yoga in nature in the beautiful surrounding lakes and waterfalls to help not only unlock my back but also provide valuable life teachings. I am forever grateful to have met Lez and to have her as my yoga teacher.
— Katherine - London 2018

Lez was a great teacher for me, giving attention to detail in my practice and spotting some really useful alignment changes and tips. I am reinvigorated and motivated now i am home - doing a little each day!
— David - Shoreham UK

This holiday really worked for us - for me to be enjoying the yoga and my non yoga hubby wearing himself out on his mountain bike each day! We hired an electric bike for me one day too which was brilliant fun as i was even faster than my husband!
— Silvia - Munich

The idea of using nature in a very purposeful way with the yoga was new to me - It seems obvious but it made a big difference to how re balanced i feel compared to when i just concentrate on a yoga mat practice. I love the “YoMo’s’ and I’m trying them out in my garden every day now.
— Stephanie - Hertfordshire UK

Quiet, peaceful,rejuvenating. A relaxing environment where i felt i could do what i wanted and not be obliged to fit into step with everyone else or a regime. Thanks. I’ll be back.
— Mark - Ireland