Balance yourself on any terrain of life

The mind – body connection is, I think, a palatable concept to most view points. Scientifically it is also widely regarded as validated research. Broad brush stroking - the mind can affect the body, the body can affect the mind automatically and consciously.  Take the example that when waiting in the wings to make a speech that you are nervous of, your mind races forwards to the forthcoming moment, your heart rate increases, perhaps your palms get sweaty, your mind maybe thinks it cant remember your well rehearsed lines, you may notice your breathing becoming short and high up in a tight chest. The panic of the mind evokes panic reactions in the body, your evolutionary instinct preparing you to take flight away from the danger, or freeze to protect. 

‘Take a few deep breaths, wiggle your feet in your shoes and ground yourself through your feet to the earth… you’ll be fine’ comes the advice. 

You do and you are.  


Some deep, long conscious belly breaths maybe just enough to feel more calmness fall over you and your mind’s focus begin to clear. Heart rate drops, palms cool.  In varying degrees most of us can relate to similar felt personal experiences. Our mind can make our body react in a parallel way. Our body can affect the mind to follow its physical signals.


Spend time in nature, in, on and amongst all it’s terrains. Enjoy a sport where you have to use balance in the great outdoors. Get your kids to scamper and play endlessly in the forest. As your body learns to navigate you sure footedly over rocks, fallen trees, river stepping stones, rough up hills, steep tricky descents, boulder passes or moving water, not only will you notice that your physical balance and ability improve, but so too does your centeredness, your ability to re stabilize yourself as the undulating terrains of life come at you. You remain centered with steadiness and ease, where previously you may have stumbled.