Step into timelessness

With our daily bombardment of linear time pressures, many of us experience time seeming to pass increasingly fast and that we we ‘don’t have time to do’…….. so ….it’s time to…… pause.
Indeed if you look to such fields as science, psychology, quantum physics and spirituality, time is understood to not be linear - but more akin to an unfolding of present moments. It is more our construct of time and the way we live that gives it its linear perception. Its quite possible to press pause and break this continuous flow and feel the expansiveness of time. Dropping into timelessness is restful, it quietens continuous streams of thought - often unhelpful, negative or misleading, and quite literally can rest some areas of the brain that can be in overdrive. This quietening of the mind and the internal chatter that ensues, allows us to enter the realm of mindfulness, self awareness and, with practice, control over the mindstuff. VERY helpful skills for our everyday life and increasing our happiness, steadiness and ease.

So how can you press pause and experience timelessness? Particularly if the yogic method of sitting in a mindfulness or meditative state seems so out of reach or unpalatable to you?

A stepping stone could come from other steady, calm activities that absorb you completely with an alertness to the activity in hand, without you needing to have internal chat, opinion or judgement. Perhaps calligraphy, drawing or painting - paying attention only to the shapes and form, not the ‘right or wrong’; creating a mandala with the leaves, flowers and nature around you; listening to a guided meditation, playing an instrument, carving a shape in wood and sanding its beautiful grain into smooth curves, walking slowly alone in nature concentrating only on your breathing, rhythmical steps and nature around you, climbing to the top of a hill then resting quietly absorbed in the view, perhaps more simply take a relaxing massage with awareness on your breath and internal effects of the massage.

Notice any hints of the internal calm, quiet, spaciousness and how deliciously nice that feels! That is where you are heading next time you need to press pause. What’s not to like?

With practice this state of being can be overlaid into a more pocketable instant form. I often refer the ones i teach as ‘YoMo’s’ - finding a que that gets you to feel that state again and practising with it until it is easy for you engage with. Perhaps its a stone from a favourite place in your pocket, a movement or realignment you make with feet or body weight, a breath pattern, a mandala picture on your wall that you can get instantly ‘lost’ in, an affirmation, a repetitive tune in your head, a breathing pattern.

Explore your moment of timelessness today and be absorbed.

lezley dhonau